Monday, 21 October 2013

The Yard Sale 2013

Looking to get a head start on your Christmas shopping? Want to add some new items to your Fall wardrobe? Picking up some new cooking skills and need to pick up some pots and pans to go with it? Just love to hunt for a new collectible?

Come on by to The Yard Sale! Snoop through my stuff without being labeled a creep (unless you're doing it in a creepy manner).

At Windsor St and 29th from 10am to 1pm on Sunday October 27 (unless everything goes!). Or unless it's raining. Sorry it won't be happening in the rain.

Friday, 18 October 2013

He tells bad jokes...

but they are always accompanied by a puppy dog/little boy smile which makes you love him.

He loves good food.

I love food. He loves food. I love him. He loves me. We're a box full of love... and food. Best box ever!

And he is willing to share his food (with a smile to boot!).
And he'll try exotic new things just to stop my nagging.

What to do?

So I've found myself in the role of a Kept Woman.  Yay? With my move to London, I am now faced with many changes in my life. However, two considerable changes stand out to me the most:

1) I am now living with a man. And he promises to share in the responsibility of washing the dishes!! Real yay! I'm living with a very sweet, considerate, funny, serious, romantic, thoughtful man, who encourages me to be my best, who helps me to be my best and who inspires me to be my best (I find it very difficult to put into words all that he means to me; he evokes feelings I am dumbfounded to fully explain. Therefore, this is as gushy as I can get, but it is only a glimpse of the full scope of his awesomeness).

2) The second major change: I will not/cannot work.  I use will not/cannot because I am unsure if this will be more of a positive or negative. As a girl who has worked since the age of 15, the prospect of not bringing home my own sweet delicious, maple flavoured bacon scares me. My move to London does not come attached with the privilege to enter employment.  I will not lament further about this situation for it is a fact and cannot be unchanged, but this fact leads me to my biggest question mark: what will I do?

What can one do, with a substantial amount of free time, but little money to fund anything?

One friend suggested cooking, which is a hobby I already enjoy so I see that easily filling some of my days. Plus it will at least allow me to make sweet delicious, maple flavoured bacon.

Volunteering is also on this list.

Rowing has always interested me, but picking that up in the cold month of January might not lead to a life long commitment and may squash any desire to continue with the sport.

Writing a Harlequin novel. This came up as a joke and snowballed into a challenge I am now seriously considering of doing.

At the end of the day, knowing my habitual rituals I foresee a future drinking cans of coke and watching TV, but hopefully I can make this long stay vacation a productive one (cue my English Gentlemen inspiring me to be my best).  I'll keep you posted (unless I do just end up lying on a couch watching box sets. Then don't expect updates because a. that would be embarrassing and b. I would be too busy watching TV to blog).

Saturday, 5 October 2013

It's happening again!

Happy news! Scary news!

I'm moving to London! No this is not a post from 2010. After a wonderful year reconnecting with loved ones in Vancouver, I am packing my ever growing bags, yet again, and jumping the pond.  The big move is slated for January 2014 (good way to start a new year), but before I can move I need to get all my ducks in order.

First thing on the to do list: sell my stuff! Furniture needs to be off loaded. The closet slimmed down. Pots and pans need to find new homes.  Hopefully I can make my move a light one; however, moving back to Canada has caused me to add on more (damn you, layering!).

Update: 3 boxes donated. 2 bags of clothes waiting to make new friends. I'm on a roll!